Fantastic job, love the style, texture, and desaturated look. The use of the rococo designs on each corner ads a fantastic sense of balance to the painting. Amazing work at keeping the horse and its rider as the center focus of the piece. The texture of the canvas and brush strokes give the painting such depth and a strong sense of history. It is simplistic, and elegant. I really love this painting.
— Seth Roberts

Artist Statement

It is my goal to capture the essence of the horse with minimal lines. I am drawn towards simple designs and abstract, loose paintings that capture the spirit of the horse. Over the years I have spent time studying calligraphy drawings using a bamboo brush and India ink which led to the designs I currently sell on various clothing and gift products. I also love the feel and texture of paint...building up my backgrounds with molding paste and stencils to give the painting depth and emotion. Last year I finally brought to life my "Art on Horseback" project that combines my skills as a dressage rider and an artist. Click here to learn more...

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