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Dressage Ride/Re-Ride Clinic at Evergreen Farm in Pownal, ME

Dressage clinic at Evergreen Farm owned by Amy Head Green in Pownal, ME. Riders will perform their dressage tests for me while I judge and then receive feedback before doing a re-ride. There will also be some in-hand sessions mixed in. This clinic is OPEN TO AUDITORS. 

Visit their Facebook page for directions and to contact Amy about the schedule.

If you live in this area and would like to be added to my teaching schedule
please contact me: 

Message me on Facebook.
Call: (207) 343-0790

What is the cost?

Currently, a private lesson is $65 an hour or $45 for a half hour in the state of Maine PLUS a travel fee (.55 cents a mile-potentially can be divided with other clinics/judging jobs/etc. to make it more affordable).

Out-of state: A private lesson is $75 an hour or $55 for a half hour PLUS travel fees.

I prefer PRIVATE lessons so that I can fully focus on the horse and rider combination, especially if it is my first time working with them.  I offer the half hour sessions for people who need an affordable option, have a younger horse, have an out-of-shape horse, or would like to focus on one or two tricks. I do not encourage group lessons unless I have worked with all of the horses/riders before.