I have attended several of Sandra’s clinics at Horse Gait Stables and have been so impressed by her positive and empowering approach. Her ability to work with riders at all levels and find that one (or more!) positive thing to build on is a rare gift. Her relaxed teaching style and corresponding results are a pleasure to watch!
— Denny Beers
Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

What will I learn in a dressage clinic?

I love helping people and horses to connect and form a better partnership. I believe that almost 90% of all difficulties are related to the rider; whether that is due to a lack of balance, timing of the aids, fear or negative emotions, or the lack of ability to correctly read the horse. The final 10% is usually related to discomfort in the horse, physical issues that create resistance, poor saddle fit, and/or previous negative training. At the beginning of every lesson, I ask the rider questions related to their riding experience. I also evaluate the way the horse is moving and the "vibe" I am getting from both horse and rider as a team. I start first with rider position- is the rider properly aligned? Are they gripping? Are they ahead or behind the motion of the horse? How is their contact? It is my goal to help the rider understand how their position, balance, and aids are affecting the horse. At the end of the lesson, I always make time to answer questions, and I make sure that the session ends positively for both horse and rider.

Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

I have worked with Sandra for several years and it still amazes me the immediate connection she makes with any horse she comes in contact with. Her classical approach makes lessons fun and informative. She clearly explains what she is teaching and the desired outcome. Just making me aware of how I use my body (seat and leg) and the effect it has on my horse has changed my horse’s performance tremendously. Surely explains why my horse now moves more forward and free! Thank you for continually coming to CT. We love you!
— Jane Pemberton

What is required to host or participate in a clinic?

To host a clinic I ask that there be a minimum of 6 riders and a maximum of 9. Each lesson is scheduled in 1-hour sessions and I recommend setting aside one half hour before the first rider, so I can introduce myself and briefly review the content.

I also enjoy doing a Q & A after, or during, a lunch break to answer questions that may be related to the previous lessons or any other topics, such as bit-less dressage and/or trick training. 

A typical clinic day: 7:30AM-8:00AM: Intro Lecture | 8:00AM-12:00PM: Lessons | 12:00PM-12:30PM: Lunch Break | 12:30PM-1:00PM: Q & A session | 1:00PM-5:00PM: Lessons. *I am flexible with the start times, lectures, etc. and I will work directly with the clinic host to set up the best option for everyone.*

Please send me an email to beginthedance@gmail.com or connect with me on Facebook to inquire about current clinic rates.

 I give a discount to facilities within 150 miles from my home in Dover-Foxcroft, ME and I also try to co-ordinate with other facilities to combine travel expenses. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to teach, but the plane expense will be included in the clinic price.

It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to receive such helpful and insightful instruction from you after our dressage test. It was our first show ever for both my mare and I so to be able to add a lesson was certainly a highlight to the day. What a learning experience! Very inspired. Thank you.
— Linda Aarismaa

What skill level is required of the horse and rider to participate?

I encourage anyone to participate! Whether you are just starting out in Dressage at Introductory level (walk & trot) or working towards Grand Prix, I am happy to help you improve. It is important to start out with correct basics; I feel that I can help lower level riders greatly improve their riding. I also enjoy working with ALL BREEDS, particularly the Baroque-type horses: Andalusians, Friesians, Lusitanos, Lipizzans, Morgans, etc. My teaching and training style is well-suited to emotionally sensitive horses, as I have ridden these types of horses for over 19 years. Many of my clients also ride Quarter Horses, draft horses, ponies, Gypsies, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Halfingers....you name it! Every horse is a unique puzzle and EVERY horse can be improved with correct Dressage work, no matter what breed. I also work with western riders that are interested in learning western dressage, trail riders who want better balance, and event riders that want to improve their dressage scores.

Sandra, thanks for coming to Crown and Shield stables and providing all of us with an exceptional day of instruction. I loved your easy going spirit and intimate dialogue with each of the students, and as a fellow rider and parent , I learned so much just by listening and watching each lesson. I love your web site and designs as well. Thanks again for a delightful day!
— Crystal Guerrette

Can I take a private lesson without riding in a clinic?

Yes! I regularly teach riders within 1 hour's driving distance from my home in Dover-Foxcroft, ME. I can also take trailer-in's at Elysium Sport Ponies in Atkinson, ME. I do have a busy schedule and usually ask if clients have 2-3 friends that may want to join the lesson, to make it worth everyone's while. I usually teach local lessons Monday-Friday. Please contact me by email (beginthedance@gmail.com) or Facebook to see if I have an available time to schedule a private lesson for you. I prefer to work in an indoor arena, so I don't have to worry about canceling due to the weather, but if you only have an outdoor arena or paddock to ride in, I will make it work.

Just back from a training session at the barn and am blown away by the tremendous work I saw from Kelsey and Bruizer as a result of their lesson last week with Sandra Beaulieu! WOW! Everything they were taught came into play and they looked so great in the doing! Thank you, Sandy — so very much!
— Nonni Hilchey-Daly
Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

Photo credit Karen Lendvay.

There was one comment Sandra made to me when we first met that some trainers force them (the horse) into the bridle and some allow! I now have seen and learned the difference ! I THANK U & so do my PONIES!
— Kim Ivan
Sandra has been coming to my farm for a few years now. Her teaching style and expertise is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge and passion for horses and horse training is shown in how she works with the horses or horse and rider. She has an amazing natural talent for both teaching horse and rider. I look forward to each time she comes to the farm and what I can learn from her. Sandra is a true inspiration to me and my business and I am so thankful for her mentoring and friendship.
— Britt Radley, Salt Pond Farm
Just want to shout out a thank you to Sandra Beaulieu for her help in taking my riding to the next level. Not only have my lessons been awesome, but she also leaves me with doable exercises for when I’m by myself. Just had two great rides in a row on Pepper working on “hard” stuff.
— Heather Webster