Don't have time to create a musical freestyle? 

If you are not sure how to create a freestyle,
or you simply don't have the time
I would love to create one for you.

It would be a great honor for me to help you realize your
dream of competing a musical freestyle.

"Let all thought leave your mind
feel your horse in rhythm's time
let your horse's spirit flow
the dance begins when you let go."

                    - B. R. 

Freestyle Expertise

  • USDF "L" Graduate with distinction, you will have the benefit of a judge's perspective for the freestyle

  • Author of three E-Books, "Create Your Own Musical Freestyle" for Training, First and Second Level Dressage

  • Article in Southeast Hoofbeats "Create a Musical Freestyle on a Budget"

  • Competing musical freestyle at USDF Recognized shows from First to Fourth Level

  • Performing in the Equine Affaire Breed Demos for Friesians & Andalusians multiple years

  • 15 years performing in the Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater, creating choreography for quadrilles, pas de deux, pas de trois, and single routines

Freestyle Awards

  • "Spirit" Freestyle designed for Marsha Sapp and her Mustang gelding Cobra (2017 Breyer Model) - won USDF Reserve Champion at Second Level

  • "Epic" Freestyle designed for Tina Nichols and a Friesian gelding - won USDF Region 8 Reserve Champion Third Level

  • “Spirit” Freestyle designed for Marsha Sapp and her Mustang gelding Cobra (2017 Breyer Model) - won Reserve World Champion at the World Western Dressage Championships with an 84%!

  • “Cold Play” Freestyle designed for Nicole Johnson and her warmblood gelding Wimbledon won 6th place in the USDF Adult Amateur 2017 Year-End Awards

This past show season was the first time my pony and I showed a musical freestyle. I started out buying Sandra’s books, “Dressage Musical Freestyle” and “Choreography for First Level”, and had instruction by Sandra when it was time to put everything together. With Sandra’s help, my pony and I came in First place for year end awards with Eastern Maine Dressage Association, Northern Maine Dressage Association, The Maine Dressage Society, and 7th place for Adult Amateur Freestyle (training-4th level) with the National Dressage Pony Cup. It was a great experience, and I look forward to continuing our musical journey!
— Lena Witham

Custom Freestyle Prices

These are my current prices for 2018. I require 50% up front to begin working on your freestyle and the final 50% when it is finished. If you are interested in a freestyle that is not for a USDF competition such as a Pony Club, Western Dressage, BEGI (Baroque Equestrian Games), or an exhibition I would be happy to send you a price quote. Please email me at

USDF Training Level - $650
USDF First Level - $750
USDF Second Level - $800
USDF Third Level - $850
USDF Fourth Level - $900
FEI Intermediare - $1,000
FEI Young Rider - $1,000
FEI Grand Prix - $1,200

Freestyle Payment

If you would prefer to pay by check or PayPal please email me at

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Freestyle Custom Design - Final Payment
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