Don't have time to create a musical freestyle? 

If you are not sure how to create a freestyle,
or you simply don't have the time
I would love to create one for you.

It would be a great honor for me to help you realize your
dream of competing a musical freestyle.

"Let all thought leave your mind
feel your horse in rhythm's time
let your horse's spirit flow
the dance begins when you let go."

                    - B. R. 

Freestyle Expertise

  • USDF "L" Graduate with distinction, you will have the benefit of a judge's perspective for the freestyle

  • Author of three E-Books, "Create Your Own Musical Freestyle" for Training, First and Second Level Dressage

  • Article in Southeast Hoofbeats "Create a Musical Freestyle on a Budget"

  • Competing musical freestyle at USDF Recognized shows from First to Fourth Level

  • Performing in the Equine Affaire Breed Demos for Friesians & Andalusians multiple years

  • 15 years performing in the Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater, creating choreography for quadrilles, pas de deux, pas de trois, and single routines

Freestyle Awards

  • "Spirit" Freestyle designed for Marsha Sapp and her Mustang gelding Cobra (2017 Breyer Model) - won USDF Reserve Champion at Second Level

  • "Epic" Freestyle designed for Tina Nichols and a Friesian gelding - won USDF Region 8 Reserve Champion Third Level

  • “Spirit” Freestyle designed for Marsha Sapp and her Mustang gelding Cobra (2017 Breyer Model) - won Reserve World Champion at the World Western Dressage Championships with an 84%!

  • “Cold Play” Freestyle designed for Nicole Johnson and her warmblood gelding Wimbledon won 6th place in the USDF Adult Amateur 2017 Year-End Awards

Custom Freestyle Prices

These are my current prices for 2018. I require 50% up front to begin working on your freestyle and the final 50% when it is finished. If you are interested in a freestyle that is not for a USDF competition such as a Pony Club, Western Dressage, BEGI (Baroque Equestrian Games), or an exhibition I would be happy to send you a price quote. Please email me at

USDF Training Level - $650
USDF First Level - $750
USDF Second Level - $800
USDF Third Level - $850
USDF Fourth Level - $900
FEI Intermediare - $1,000
FEI Young Rider - $1,000
FEI Grand Prix - $1,200

Freestyle Payment

If you would prefer to pay by check or PayPal please email me at

Freestyle Custom Design - First Payment
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Freestyle Custom Design - Final Payment
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