El Sueno Espanol

I have known Lisa Oberman, the owner of El Sueno Espanol, aka the "Tack Temptress" for many years. She has an amazing selection of spanish saddles, bridles, and accessories. She also makes custom bridles, breastcollars and browbands. I currently have two different sets (matching bridles and breastcollars) that she made for two independent films I was in with my horse Douwe. The first set was black leather with spanish buckles and the second set was more complex with two different layers of brown leather and medallions to match my costume. She obviously loves what she does and seems to have a lot of fun creating new designs. She goes to some of the larger Friesian, Andalusian and Gypsy shows which is how I met her years ago in Florida. You can also see her new inventory on Facebook where she updates her page regularly with some amazing tack. If you don't see something you are looking for just send her a message!

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