If you are looking for horses to film in your movie - you should seriously take a look at Sandra Beaulieu’s horses. They are extremely well trained and Sandra is a peach to work with. I highly recommend her and her horses for the job.
— Bill McLean, President, Freight Train Films, Inc.
canter up trail_med.jpg

What types of films have you been in?

Douwe and I acted in our first indie film called Essential Realism directed by Alan Dillingham in 2014. Unfortunately I do not think this project will be finished but it was a great opportunity to get experience and some beautiful photos. Douwe played the part of a magical unicorn and I was the Queen's archer. This film involved cantering on trails and hills and Douwe also "talked" to the Queen since he was a magical unicorn of course! We are currently are working on another indie film called Falcyyr directed by Ahura Diliiza. I am playing Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Douwe is my special steed. Rovandio also makes an appearance as well. You can follow the progress of this film on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/falcyyr/?fref=ts

What a great pleasure it was to work with Sandra and her horses, she has trained them well, and they are film ready.
— Alan Dillingham, director

What specific tricks do your horses perform?

Douwe and Rovandio have both learned a variety of tricks that would be useful on a film set. They both talk like Mr. Ed, rear, stand on a pedestal, and perform the spanish walk (a special marching walk). Douwe has his unique "wiggle lips" trick and he also says "yes". They both lay down on command, give kisses and rides bridleless. They also know how to perform dressage movements like piaffe, halfpass (sideways movement), and flying changes.

Begin the Dance is AWESOME!!!! I have the pleasure of working with Sandra on a film project and Highly recommend her as a representative. Her begin the dance products are great, and inspired.”
— Ahura Z. Diliiza, director of Falcyyr

Is it true that you have been in commercials?

Yes! Over the years I have been involved in some fun projects. One really fun job was being cast in a Taylor Swift music video and ending up in People magazine! I have also acted in commercials for Hearts on Fire (below) , the Maine Tourism Office, the VT Lottery, CU Promise in their Zero is Bad campaign (below), Hardy Wolfe & Downing, and Berlin City Auto (below).