Begin the Dance Academy Video Library

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Spanish Walk #1 {Training Captain - Day One}
Spanish Walk #2 {Training Captain - Day Two}
Spanish Walk #3 {Discussing Verbal Cues after Performance at Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe}
Spanish Walk #4 {Transferring the Aids Under Saddle - Training Captain - Day Three}
Spanish Walk #5 {Begin Asking the Horse to Move Forward - Training Captain - Day Five}
Spanish Walk #6 {Variation Using the Same Lifting Leg - Training Captain - Day Five part 2}
Spanish Walk #7 {Developing Patience and Control with Rovandio}
Spanish Walk #8 {Problem Solving with a Horse That Anticipates and Strikes at You}
Spanish Walk #9 {Catherine Learns How to Ask for Spanish Walk on Rovandio}
Cross-Over Step #1 {Teaching Pepper How to Cross His Front Legs - Day One}
Cross-Over Step #2 {Pepper Crosses His Front Legs at Liberty}
Cross-Over Step #3 {First Day Teaching Retto the Cross-Over Step}
Pick Up #1 {Teach Your Horse to Pick Up an Object - Day One}
Pick Up #2 {Teaching Joey to Pick Up - Problem Solving on First Day}
Smile #1 {Teach Your Horse How to Smile - Day One}
Smile #2 {Solution if Your Horse's Nose is Out of Reach}
Smile #3 {Solution if Your Horse Crowds Your Space}
Smile #4 {Teaching a Quarter Horse gelding to Smile at a Clinic}
Rear #1 {Discussion the Aids on the Ground and Using a Corner to Begin}
Rear #2 {Adding Energy to the Rear using Liberty Work on the  Rope Halter}
Vocal Cues #1 {Review of Vocal Cues to Use in Your Training}
Bow #1 {Teaching your Horse to Stretch for a Treat}
Bow #2 {Teaching Your Horse to Lift the Leg for a One-Legged Bow}
Bow #3 {Using a Hobble to Assist with the One-Legged Bow}
Bow #4 {How to Add a Whip Cue for the Stretching Bow}
Bow #5 {How to Transfer the Whip Cue for the One-Legged Bow} 
Pedestal #1 {What Type of Pedestal to Use and How to Begin}
Pedestal #2 {Incorporating the Pedestal into Your Liberty Training}
Pedestal #3 {How to Ask Your Horse to Get On With All Four Feet}
Pedestal #4 {How to Introduce Your Horse to the Round Pedestal}
Pedestal #5 {One Method to Help a Horse that "Hangs" a Hind Leg}
Lay Down #1 {Changing Douwe's Lay Down Cue for a Potential Movie}
Lay Down #2 {Using the “Stay” Cue to Improve the Lay Down}
Target Board #1 {First Day Teaching Your Horse to Target Train Using a Board}
Target Board #2 {Teach Your Horse how to "Stay" on the Target Board}
Target Board #3 {One Solution for a Horse that won't Stand Still on the Target Board}
Target Board #4 {Introducing new Horse to the Target Board at a recent Clinic}
Target Board #5 {First Day Teaching Dream to Stand on Target Board}
Target Board #6 {First Day Teaching Dream to Stay while Standing on the Target Board}
Kiss #1 {Teach Your Horse How to Give a Kiss - First Day with Rhetto}
Yes #1 {Begin Teaching Your Horse how to Say "Yes" and Round His Neck}
Head Down #1 {Teaching Head Down as a Basis for Bow and Long & Low}
Touch Training #1 {How to get Started with Touch Training - First Day with Rovandio}
Touch Training #2 {What if your Horse wants to Bite the Ball? - First Day with Douwe}
Touch Training #3 {Challenge your Horse to Increase Range of Motion for the "Touch"}

Neckrope #1 {Demonstrating how to STOP with Douwe}
Neckrope #2 {Demonstrating how to TURN with Douwe}
Neckrope #3 {Training Session with Rovandio Using Neckrope with Bridle}
Whip Steering #1 {How to Begin Riding Bridleless using Whip Steering}
Whip Steering #2 {How to Develop the Leg-Yield Bridleless using the Wall}

Basics #1 {Pros and Cons of the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle}
Basics #2 {How to Adjust the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle for your Horse} 

Leg-Yield #1 {Aids for Yielding the Haunches with Douwe}
Leg-Yield #2 {Turning the Leg-Yield into a Pirouette with Douwe}
Leg-Yield #3 {Introduce the Zig-Zag Exercise}
Leg-Yield #4 {Solution for Horses that Get Stuck in the Shoulders}
Leg-Yield #5 {Using Leg-Yield to "Parallel Park" at the Mounting Block}
Yielding Haunches #6 {First Day Training Phanny to Yield Haunches with Problem Solving}
Yielding Haunches #7 {First Day Training Phanny to "Parallel Park" at the Mounting Block with Problem Solving}
Yielding Haunches #8 {Transfer the Parallel Park Exercise to Different Objects like a Pedestal}
Yielding Haunches #9 {Teaching Phanny to Yield the Haunches in Preparation for the Zig-Zag}
Yielding Haunches #10 {Use this Circle Imagery to Help Disengage the Haunches Correctly}
ReinBack Mirror Exercise #1 {Demonstrating Aids with Douwe}
Piaffe #1 {How to Setup for Piaffe with Rovandio}
Piaffe #2 {Demonstrating Reinback and Piaffe steps at the Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe} 
Piaffe #3 {Variation for Large Horses and Riders with a Ground Person} 
Piaffe #4 {Introducing the First Trot Step and Problem Solving}
Piaffe #5 {Exercise to Improve Hind Leg Flexion for the Piaffe}
Equipment #1 {How to Tie Up Your Reins}
Stretches #1 {Basic Neck and Front Leg Stretches to Keep Your Horse Limber}
Stretches #2 {Belly Lift, Butt Tucks, and How to Check Your Horse's Back for Soreness}
Poll Release #1 {How to Ask Your Horse to Lower the Head for Relaxation}

Rope Halter #1 {Basic Lunging Cues to Prepare for Liberty Work}
Rope Halter #2 {How to Tell if your Horse is Disengaging His Hind End Correctly Part One}
Rope Halter #3 {How to Tell if your Horse is Disengaging His Hind End Correctly Part Two}
Rope Halter #4 {Benefits and Reasons Why You Should Work your Horse on the Rope Halter}
Rope Halter #5 {How to Draw your Horse in to you for Liberty Work}
Rope Halter #6 {Schooling Changes of Direction, Canter, and Passage Steps on the Rope Halter with Tok}
Rope Halter #7 {How to Use Your Body to Slow the Horse - Schooling Shiloh}
Rope Halter #8 {How to Begin Using Two Whips to Prepare for Liberty Work}
Rope Halter #9 {First Day Teaching a Horse to Draw Towards You - Clinic at Brook Ledge Farm}
Rope Halter #10 {Working with a Mare that Counterbends and Rushes - Part One}
Basics #1 {How to Use Two Whips While Lunging Your Horse at Liberty} 
Drawing Them In #1 {Body Language Adapted to Your Horse - Draw the Front End}
Drawing Them In #2 {First Day Going Free in the Round Pen with Retto - Part One}
Drawing Them In #3 {First Day Going Free in the Round Pen with Retto - Part Two}
Combining Movements #1 {Playful Movement with Rein-Back and Posing Front Leg}
Advanced Movements #1 {Beginning to Add Front Leg Expression at Trot - First Day with Rovandio}

Halfpass #1 {Exercise to Help with Impulsion}
Turn on the Haunches #1 {Discussing the Aids and Demonstrating Common Problems}
Using Your Whip #1 {Demonstrating How to Switch Your Whip Between Hands}
Improving Connection #1 {Discussion About Soft Elbows and Common Rider Problems}
Improving Connection #2 {How to Correct a Horse that Yanks on the Reins] - Coming this Week!
Rider Position #1 {How to Evaluate Your Body Conformation Related to Riding}
Rider Position #2 {How to Begin Riding without Stirrups at the Walk}
Rider Position #3 {How to Find your Seat Bones and Evaluate Asymmetry}
Rider Position #4 {Exercise to Help with Uneven Hands}
Free Walk #1 {Comments on Steering and Transition to Medium Walk} 
Free Walk #2 {What is Overstep in the Walk and How to Analyze your Horse's Stride}
Free Walk #3 {Improve the Timing of Your Seat to Energize the Walk}
Rein Back #1 {How to Use Diagonal Leg Aids for Rein Back}
Rein Back #2 {How to Straighten a Crooked Rein Back}
Rein Back #3 {How to Teach Rein Back Using a Ground Person}
Haunches-In #1 {Catherine Learns How to Ask for Haunches-In on Rovandio}
Posting Trot #1 {Use this Standing Exercise to Develop Correct Leg Position}
Equipment #1 {Reasons Why I Use the Micklem Bridle}
Equipment #2 {Benefits of Using a German Martingale to Help the Rider's Aids}
Bareback #1 {How to Choose a Bareback Pad and Get Started with your Horse}
Transitions #1 {Schooling Halts from the Walk with a Horse that tends to Brace}
Transitions #2 {Schooling Trot to Canter Transitions with a Horse that tends to Rush}
Trot Stretch #1 {How to Ride a Correct Stretch and Avoid Common Accuracy Mistakes}
Shoulder-In #1 {Demonstrating Correct Angle and Common Rider Mistakes}
Whorlology #1 {Do Your Horse's Whorls Represent Their Personality and Trainability}
Canter #1 {Improving Uphill Climb in Rovandio’s Canter}

Plan & Prepare #1 {Overview of the Seven Phases of Freestyle Creation}
BPM #1 {How to Determine Your Horse’s Beats Per Minute}
Find Your Music #1 {Ideas to Help you Find Freestyle Music for Competition, Exhibition, or Schooling}
Choreography #1 {Choreography Basics - Review Two Methods to Get Started}
Edit Music #1 {Popular Music Editing Software to use for Freestyle}

Show Anxiety #1 {Discussion about "Choking" and Staying in the Moment}
Show Anxiety #2 {Why Visualization Might not be Working for You}

Douwe at Liberty #1 {Combining Spanish Walk, Haunches-In, and Mirror Exercise}

Trip to Florida #1
Trip to Florida #2
Trip to Florida #3
Trip to Florida #4
Trip to Florida #5
Art Performance in Wellington #1
Art Performance in Wellington #2
Art Performance in Wellington #3
Art Performance in Wellington #4
Lay Down #1 {Changing Douwe's Lay Down Cue for a Potential Movie}
Movie Training #1 {Training Rovandio to Work with a Wheelchair}
Movie Training #2 {Practicing a Film Scene with Rovandio}
Movie Training #3 {Screen Test with Movie Producer}
Dressage Competition #1 {Judge's Commentary for Rovandio - Third Level Test 3}
Dressage Competition #2 {Judge's Commentary for Douwe - First Level Freestyle}
WEG 2018 #1 {Thank You and Dreams Do Come True}
WEG 2018 #2 {Vet Requirements & Deadlines for International Event}
WEG 2018 #3 {Magna Wave Treatments for Rovandio}
WEG 2018 #4 {Costume Updates}
WEG 2018 #5 {Issues Renting a U-Haul Trailer for my Van}
WEG 2018 #6 {Problem with Merchandise Becomes Happy Solution}
WEG 2018 #7 {Painting, Prep, and Packing}
WEG 2018 #8 {Summer Sores and Nose Injury Oh My!}
WEG 2018 #9 {Beginning the LONG Drive to North Carolina - Part One}
WEG 2018 #10 {Recap of our Long Day Driving - Part Two}
Hurricane Michael #1 {The Search for Gas}
Hurricane Michael - Hurricane Prep #2 {Clearing the Decks}