Online Training with Sandra Beaulieu Video Library

Use this list to help you search for videos in the Online Training Group. This will be updated regularly. If you have any problems finding the videos or need help please email me at:

Spanish Walk #1 {Training Captain - Day One}
Spanish Walk #2 {Training Captain - Day Two}
Spanish Walk #3 {Discussing Verbal Cues after Performance at Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe}
Spanish Walk #4 {Transferring the Aids Under Saddle - Training Captain - Day Three}
Spanish Walk #5 {Begin Asking the Horse to Move Forward - Training Captain - Day Five} -Coming Soon!
Spanish Walk #6 Coming Soon!
Spanish Walk #7 {Variation Using the Same Lifting Leg - Training Captain - Day Five part 3}

Neckrope #1 {Demonstrating how to STOP with Douwe}
Neckrope #2 {Demonstrating how to TURN with Douwe}

Haunches-In #1 {Aids for Haunches-In with Douwe}
Haunches-In #2 {Turning the Haunches-In into a Pirouette with Douwe}
ReinBack Mirror Exercise #1 {Demonstrating Aids with Douwe}
Piaffe #1 {How to Setup for Piaffe with Rovandio}
Piaffe #2 {Demonstrating Reinback and Piaffe steps at the Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe} 
Piaffe #3 {Variation for Large Horses and Riders with a Ground Person} 
Equipment #1 {How to Tie Up Your Reins}

Halfpass #1 {Exercise to help with Impulsion}