Online Training with Sandra Beaulieu Video Library

Use this list to help you search for videos in the Online Training Group. This will be updated regularly. If you have any problems finding the videos or need help please email me at:

Spanish Walk #1 {Training Captain - Day One}
Spanish Walk #2 {Training Captain - Day Two}
Spanish Walk #3 {Discussing Verbal Cues after Performance at Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe}
Spanish Walk #4 {Transferring the Aids Under Saddle - Training Captain - Day Three}
Spanish Walk #5 {Begin Asking the Horse to Move Forward - Training Captain - Day Five}
Spanish Walk #6 {Variation Using the Same Lifting Leg - Training Captain - Day Five part 2}
Spanish Walk #7 {Developing Patience and Control with Rovandio}
Cross-Over Step #1 {Teaching Pepper How to Cross His Front Legs - Day One}
Cross-Over Step #2 {Pepper Crosses His Front Legs at Liberty}
Pick Up #1 {Teach Your Horse to Pick Up an Object - Day One}
Smile #1 {Teach Your Horse How to Smile - Day One}
Smile #2 {Solution if Your Horse's Nose is Out of Reach}
Smile #3 {Solution if Your Horse Crowds Your Space}
Rear #1 {Discussion the Aids on the Ground and Using a Corner to Begin}
Rear #2 {Adding Energy to the Rear using Liberty Work on the  Rope Halter}
Vocal Cues #1 {Review of Vocal Cues to Use in Your Training}

Neckrope #1 {Demonstrating how to STOP with Douwe}
Neckrope #2 {Demonstrating how to TURN with Douwe}

Basics #1 {Pros and Cons of the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle} 

Leg-Yield #1 {Aids for Yielding the Haunches with Douwe}
Leg-Yield #2 {Turning the Leg-Yield into a Pirouette with Douwe}
Leg-Yield #3 {Introduce the Zig-Zag Exercise}
Leg-Yield #4 {Solution for Horses that Get Stuck in the Shoulders}
Leg-Yield #5 {Using Leg-Yield to "Parallel Park" at the Mounting Block}
ReinBack Mirror Exercise #1 {Demonstrating Aids with Douwe}
Piaffe #1 {How to Setup for Piaffe with Rovandio}
Piaffe #2 {Demonstrating Reinback and Piaffe steps at the Healing Through Horses Expo with Douwe} 
Piaffe #3 {Variation for Large Horses and Riders with a Ground Person} 
Piaffe #4 {Introducing the First Trot Step and Problem Solving}
Piaffe #5 {Variation for Large Horses to Improve Hind Leg Flexion}
Equipment #1 {How to Tie Up Your Reins}

Rope Halter #1 {Basic Lunging Cues to Prepare for Liberty Work}

Halfpass #1 {Exercise to Help with Impulsion}
Turn on the Haunches #1 {Discussing the Aids and Demonstrating Common Problems}
Using Your Whip #1 {Demonstrating How to Switch Your Whip Between Hands}
Improving Connection #1 {Discussion About Soft Elbows and Common Rider Problems}
Rider Position #1 {How to Evaluate Your Body Conformation Related to Riding}
Free Walk #1 {Comments on Steering and Transition to Medium Walk} 

Douwe at Liberty #1 {Combining Spanish Walk, Haunches-In, and Mirror Exercise}

Trip to Florida #1
Trip to Florida #2
Trip to Florida #3
Trip to Florida #4
Trip to Florida #5