5 yr Friesian Gelding For Sale









Wobke (aka Diesel) is out of Tynke by Sytse 385. Bred by Starlit Ridge Friesians in Salem, NY. Handled daily from birth and has worked extensively in long reins since he was 3. Very willing and accepting of the aids, moves forward working over his back in all 3 gaits. Diesel was backed and began work under saddle at about age 4 and introduced to lateral movements. Currently working under saddle in dressage and has also been prepared for hitching to drive. He has a bold, brave nature, which will help him in the show ring as he will have a “look at me” attitude. He has a good intelligent mind, which will take care of you on the trail. Loads easily on the trailer, loves to be groomed, vacuumed, clipped, and is good for the vet.

Name:  Wobke Age: 5 years old Breed: Friesian Gender: Gelding Height: 16 hands

Located in: South Carolina