"Veil Dance" at NEDA Symposium

This past weekend Douwe, Lydia and I performed at the New England Dressage Association's Fall Symposium. The symposium was held at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME. This was Douwe's first time performing with Lydia in the "Veil Dance" routine. He was doing very well in the warm-up and I was able to to canter with my veil up high, no hands. When we went into the indoor arena he got a little scared and tense. He still performed pretty well but didn't want to do his spanish walk and I wasn't able to lift my veil with both hands at the canter. He has a hard time with audiences, the noise bothers him and he gets worked up. It isn't very visible in the video, he looks rather animated which is nice but after our routine he was quite sweaty and had an anxious look on his face. The next day I schooled him longer for our "Wings of Isis" routine and he was much more relaxed. They let me school him in the arena before the ride and he was much better being around the audience, getting treats and praise. I was very appreciative to have the opportunity to practice and I think it will help Douwe to be ready for the Equine Affaire next weekend. Thank you so much to Jennifer Dillon at Pineland for organizing my performance ride and stabling. I would also like to thank Pam Catell for trailering Douwe to the event and helping me in my SandraB. Designs booth. My mother also helped in the booth and it was great to have her there. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6gTJcUL3Yw&feature=player_embedded