Dress Rehearsal

Just finished with dress rehearsal for our Equestrian Theater production next weekend. Rehearsal went well, it lasted about 4 hours but we went through every routine, some twice. My costume changes aren't too bad because I am not in so many rides this year. My horses were okay, Douwe was very chilled out, a little dull for quick turns and transitions but good. Victress was super crazy today and was awful in our bellydance routine with Lydia as the dancer. Unfortunately this one is very high energy and she is the only horse in the arena, plus it is before my other two numbers with her. If we had a simple trotting quadrille right before that would help get her performance jitters out but it just didn't work out that way. So we will practice all week and just see what happens! It might be very exciting for the audience! We all have a lot of final touches to do on costumes. A few of my hats fell into my face while I was riding today, that was a little tricky. Please come to see the performance if you can, we only put on the show once a year and there is something for everyone. For more information and tickets go to: www.isaacroyalfarm.com or call (207) 771-7701.