Equine Affaire ~ Wednesday

After a few hectic days of packing inventory, bathing and grooming my horse and making sure I had everything ready we left at 6:00 am on Wednesday morning for the Equine Affaire. I am so grateful to Elisha Harvey for trailering Douwe to the event and working for me during the show. She was invaluable, very organized, and certainly a big help! Thank you Elisha! Douwe was very happy to travel in her new slant load trailer and the large dressing room made for easy packing. We arrived in West Springfield, MA by 1:00 pm, just when it started to snow. All afternoon we had to deal with snow, wind, and very cold temperatures. The vendor buildings were heated but the barn was not. I had Anne Margeret find me a new blanket for Douwe to help keep him clean overnight. My husband accidently threw out my nice plaid, wool blanket. I learned my lesson not to put my blankets in a black garbage bag in the garage!! Of course it was smelly and in a garbage bag so he thought it was trash. Whoops! We took the afternoon to unload everything and setup the WoofHoof booth with Diane. We checked in early at the hotel and had dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was a good thing I checked in early because we had issues with the reservation...it didn't show up in the computer even though I had an email confirmation. If I had checked in later in the evening they would have given away our room! I wanted Douwe to see the coliseum arena before the breed demo on Thursday but the only time we were allowed to ride in it was after the Fantasia dress rehearsal. So we waited and I rode him in the coliseum at 10:30-11:00 at night! It was snowing, windy, and freezing outside in the warm-up arena but the coliseum was heated. Cassie and Yvonne Barteau were also schooling late so we weren't alone. It was certainly was a LONG day!