Aanstadt-Das Breeches

I just got a new pair of Aanstadt-Das breeches today in the mail. About 9 years ago I met a woman at the Region 8 Championships in Darien, CT. She had a booth set up at the show selling these wonderful deerskin fullseat breeches. Her name is Sonya Bergstrom. She designed a unique style for the fullseat breeches that is more flattering for the rider. The back tapers up, creating a longer, leaner look. Once I rode in deerskin breeches there was no turning back. All other fullseats pale in comparison, they don't give to the other fabric or let you feel the horse. Over the years I have owned two pairs of white show breeches and about 4 or 5 other schooling breeches. They last me forever, I usually wear through the leather before the fabric falls apart. They don't have any zippers or velcro, they fit like a glove and are very comfortable. Sonya uses many different fabrics, my new pair is made out of Vaporex, an extremely lightweight, velvet material. Unfortunately other businesses started to copy her design. The breeches you see from Equissentials that are sold in all the dressage catalogs came out after Sonya had been selling her new design. To order Aanstadt-Das breeches you can find them on Ebay. Here is her Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/Aanstadt-Das Every pair of breeches are custom made so you can choose what style you would like and they will be made exactly to your size. Believe me, she has a LOT of sizes too so you can be sure to find the best fit. I especially like the breeches with the stars on the leather, even though it gives people a reason to stare at your derrier! Sonja said to let her know that I recommended these breeches to you and she will give you a discount!