Decision to go Barefoot

I recently had Douwe's front shoes taken off to see how well he will go barefoot. Ever since I bought him 4 years ago he has had front shoes and his feet were not very strong. He lost his shoes regularly and didn't have much growth. This past year he has been fed Genesis Organic Grain and I have seen a remarkable improvement in his coat, a much longer, thicker mane and tail as well as thick, full feathers. My farrier noticed how much growth he is getting and how his hoof wall has become stronger and more solid. I took his back shoes off this summer and they chipped up a bit but they have been doing really well. He has had his front shoes off for over a week now and he was a little ouchy the first few days but they look good so far. It takes awhile for the horse to adjust and grow out the old nail holes. I am not against having shoes on a horse but I do believe that the horse is healthier when he lives as naturally as possible. Rovandio hasn't had any shoes for years and his feet are very strong. Here is an interesting video I found on YouTube this past year regarding the effects of shoes on a horse. There are quite a few videos by the Swedish Hoof School so you can browse through them online. Some food for thought.... httpv://