Reflecting Back On 2012

Looking back over this past year I am feeling very thankful. I am happy to say there were no low-points or tragedies to face, my family, friends, and my horse are all healthy and happy. I accomplished an important goal of perform at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. I have been looking forward to riding in the Equine Affaire for many years and was very pleased at how well Douwe behaved. I had many other goals related to showing such as a USDF year-end award and freestyle scores towards my USDF Bronze Bar but I did not end up competing this year. I spent much of the show season focusing on teaching, judging and also doing the training portion of the USEF "r" Judges Program in Nashville, TN. I discovered the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle this year and that really changed my outlook on showing. Instead of taking Douwe and Rovy to shows we just competed in our own backyard thanks to The bitless bridle is not allowed in competition yet (however it is allowed online at but I have my fingers crossed that that will change in the near future. I still want to compete in musical freestyle but performing is my real passion and I focused a lot more on that this year. There is more room for creativity and allowing the horse to showcase his strengths. I want my horses to love their work and have fun during the training. Here is a photo from the Equine Affaire, the highlight of my year! I am riding Douwe and Lydia Rose is dancing with us. I am looking forward to the Equine Affaire in 2013, I am planning to ride in both the Ohio and Massachusetts events.