Clinic with Heidi Herriott

Today I met Heidi Herriot, a 3rd generation professional horse trick trainer. Some of her career highlights include: Animal Planet’s Pet Star, Walt Disney World, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, NC State Championship Horse Show, Woman Luv Horses, Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre, Circus World Museum, Six Flags Parks, multiple state and county fairs, rodeos, horse shows and more. She has worked with Tom Turvey, Lynn Palm and Clinton Anderson among others. Today she worked with me and Douwe as well as Marsha and her mustang Cobra. It was pouring rain all day with thunder and lightning. We were able to ride a little in the morning but had to work under the roof of the grooming area after lunch. Heidi helped us polish up our aids for the spanish walk and play with the passage and rear. I picked her brain about new movements that I haven't tried yet and liberty work that I want to incorporate in Douwe's training. Douwe enjoyed the fun tricks like learning how to "smile", "nod", and picking up items with his mouth. She had some great advice for the bow on one knee, lay down and the stretching bow. We focused on the progression of training each movement and how to simplify the cues to the final product. Please check out her website for more information about clinics and videos.

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