Equestrian Theater ~ King Arthur

Practice went well today, Douwe and Victress did very well in their routines. The weather is looking nice for this weekend and I hope we have a full audience. Opening night, Saturday, is always very electric and you never know what is going to happen so the audience gets very excited. Have your tickets set aside for you by calling Carolyn at (207) 717-7701 or pay online at: www.isaacroyalfarm.com. This routine is special to me because the horse, Max, is no longer here. January of 2008 he had to be put down because of complications due to colic. It was devastating because we were schooling Grand Prix and he felt so strong and alive. He thrived on the music and did very well even though the arena is Training level size and Max was 18 hands! Enjoy! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Js04QngC0