#1 Dressage Horse Totilas-SOLD!

This was devastating news to the dressage world yesterday-all over the internet were articles about the sale of Totilas. This stallion has broken all dressage world records and just won three gold medals at the World Equestrian Games with his Dutch rider Edward Gal. It is sad to hear also that he was sold to Germany, thus taking him off the Dutch dressage team. Even worse is knowing that Edward has trained this horse since he was young and brought him up to the Olympic level. I can't imagine another rider forming such a perfect partnership with this talented horse. Forming that kind of harmony takes years and years. To read more in-depth articles click here: http://www.eurodressage.com/equestrian/2010/10/14/sale-totilas-causes-shock-wave-and-online-webquake httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eet-Vbg-YJ4