Sitting Trot Advice

Here is a good excerpt from the Aspirant Technique Book #1 about riding the sitting trot."In the show ring you will find a large percentage of riders pinching with the knees, wiggling their backs, and flipping their hips. This creates an open door for the horse to misbehave. It will also give away your power and then control is up for grabs, and frankly, it's not pretty to look at. Start off by sitting erect and leaning back until you feel the weight of your shoulders and head press down into your seat. From here you will learn how to handle the motion of the horse. The challenge is being able to manage the bounce of the stride correctly. You  must take the motion of the horse and send it down the thigh and out the knee. This is only possible with a correctly bent knee so that the motion can escape. If you are pinched in the knee, you will send the motion back up through your body, defeating your purpose. If you have no bend in the knee, the motion will go down your leg and out your heel, causing it to swing back and forth, upsetting the rest of your body's stillness. Your lower leg must be aligned correctly under the seat and shoulders to make sure there is a correct bend in the knee." Excerpt from the Aspirant Technique Book #1, author Carolyn Rose.

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