Judging a WMDA Show

Today I judged a schooling dressage show in Sumner, ME at Lookout Farm owned by Laura and Steve Falconer. This show is run by the Western Maine Dressage Association every year. Today the weather was damp and cold but at least the rain held off and there was no wind. Unlike other schooling shows I have judged this summer the schedule was jam packed with riders. We started at 8:20 and went until 5:30. Yikes!  Thank you so much to my scribe Jessie who was with me all day and to Pat and Cassie for running the show. Cassie Martin rode 4 horses in the show including her cute Welsh Cob cross stallion Can-Du at Second level. He is adorable and has a great working attitude for a stallion. Her mother Pat Martin won my monthly giveaway for September and loves her new "Spirit Horse" silver pendant. Dianne Ward was at the show schooling her group of students from Gould Academy. It is so wonderful that they have a riding program that allows exchange students to learn how to ride a horse. They all rode Introductory level tests and were so happy when they could get through the routine and have the horses stay in the ring (a few made some naughty exits out of the arena). At the end of the day they had some fun classes including a pleasure class, equitation class, sit-a-buck, musical buckets, and egg-and-spoon. All the girls did great except it got a little rough in the musical buckets-those girls were competitive! Mary Jo Foley did a great job riding a Training level 2 test bareback with her little mare. The horse looked even better than she did with the saddle-more freedom and roundness. All-in-all it was a good day but definitely exhausting. Off to bed early!