NEDA Symposium Day #2

Today was another wonderful clinic day. I got some good video clips of Steffen riding some of the demo horses. He did an amazing job on one enormous gelding named Unika ridden by Jennifer Wilson-Horr. This horse was definitely over 18 hands with the presence of two horses put together. This horse didn't have much experience and was quite hot. When Steffen went to get on his wireless microphone was making weird noises and it really freaked the horse out. It was a bit nerve-wracking to watch for the first 10 minutes as the horse kept leaping towards the out gate. Shannon assisted him by standing at the gate with a lunge whip to help encourage the horse to get through the corners. Once he got his attention he did a really nice job getting the horse to be lighter in the hands, less like a freight train. Steffen really used his whip in some strong, quick half-halts to get the horse to respect him and stay in his seat rather than pull harder into the contact. He was very effective and made the horse look even bigger! He said it was so important to make one really effective half-halt instead of doing so many small ones all the time. Shannon did some nice work with Jody Pearson-Keating on her Friesian Bauke for the canter pirouettes. She was having her point her belly-button towards the horse's inside ear to help the horse balance in the pirouette. My coach Carolyn taught me to just look over my inside shoulder to help rotate my upper torso to the inside, putting on the outside thigh to help the shoulders turn. Basically that is the same idea with just a different explanation. I had another successful day for my business, SandraB. Designs. I met so many interesting people at my booth and I had plenty of opportunities to watch the clinic. I even met one lady that went the same stable in Portugal on one of those equestrian training vacations. We both rode the same horse, Daka, a Lusitano stallion. The stable is run by George Malleroni who gives clinics in NH. I rode there when I was in high school and had a wonderful experience riding upper level Lusitanos and visiting the Royal Riding Academy that use the Alter Real Lusitanos who are all bay. Here is a video with a horse and rider from the Royal Riding School.