Douwe's Lightening Up!

My Friesian gelding Douwe is progressing well in his training. He has been the most difficult horse I have had to rebalance and retrain. He is a baroque-style Friesian who was trained to drive and then ridden saddleseat. He was hollow in his back and couldn't bend for the life of him! I have had him for 2 years and now I can finally say that he is really lightening up! Today we were able to do some forward trot to some piaffe half-steps and the back out to a forward trot. I have also been doing a lot of lateral work at the walk to help him figure out how to engage his hind legs underneath his body. He has been doing leg-yield since I started riding him but is now improving on shoulder-in. His walk pirouettes are also getting really nice. It took awhile in the beginning to get him to stretch through his back but now he loves to do the trot chew-down as a reward. My goal is to create a First level freestyle for him when I go to Florida this winter.