Equine Affaire ~ Springfield, MA

I had a good time at the Equine Affaire yesterday. I ended up coming home early today because I woke up with a terrible head cold. I had a very full day on Friday, driving 5 hours in the morning, going to clinics and looking at booths, and then ending the day late at Fantasia. So instead of being miserable all day Saturday at the Equine Affaire I decided to be sniffly in my car...away from other people! The only clinic I was disappointed to miss today was Monty Roberts. I was very impressed by him on Friday working with the remedial horses. I just re-read his book a few weeks before so it was wonderful to see him in action. He is so practical and helps the horse really process what is being asked of him. I have some video clips that I will try to put online of his clinic and also from Fantasia. There were a few entertaining rides but overall I was not very impressed. I guess I have high standards being a performer myself. Many of the routines lacked creative choreography, choice of music, and good costumes. My favorite routine was Zorro of course! Jerry Diaz rode a gorgeous Friesian, had an excellent costume and was able to show piaffe, Spanish walk, rear, and bow. They also had a fire "Z" lit up on the floor towards the end. Here is the video I took from the audience of their routine. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQwe6hOz6O0