New Booth at the Equine Affaire 2014!

I am very excited to announce that I will have my own booth at the Equine Affaire this year! It is an excellent spot, right next to the Woofhoof booth where I have been selling my products for the past few years. The booth beside us came available and I am so grateful that they accepted my application for it. I will be in my favorite building, the Better Living Center, Booth #814. It is my plan to have Douwe with me as well, performing and having a great time. I will post more information as the show gets closer (it isn't until November) but I wanted to share my good news!

I will be sending in an application to be a clinician/presenter and a performer in Fantasia again this year. It is hard to get in as a solo act for the first time. If anyone has an extra moment please post a comment on their Facebook page to let them know you would like to see Douwe perform! The more they hear my name the better! Thank you so much! I think this year is going to be so much fun at the Equine Affaire! Here is the link to their Facebook page: