Douwe learns the Wings of Isis

Today was the first time I rode Douwe with the Wings of Isis. I love to bellydance and I found these fabric wings through this style of dance. I have performed many times with the Wings of Isis on the ground and in 2008 I incorporated them onto horseback for the Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater. To perform with the wings the horse must be completely "in your seat" and obedient to weight aids for transitions and turning. They must not be spooky to have the shiny, reflective fabric floating through the air. Douwe's laid-back temperament makes him a great candidate for the wings and I look forward to performing in front of big crowds with him. I rode him in his first Equestrian Theater performance last month doing Zorro with a very big cape. He also doesn't mind skirts so putting on the wings was no problem.  His downward transitions are very easy off my seat so I was able to stop him easily without my reins. He did some serpentines at the trot, turning  fairly well off my body and then he cantered nicely. All in all, a very successful first day! Here is a video of me riding Vienna in the 2008 Equestrian Theater using the Wings of Isis. Pretty soon I will perform this routine with Douwe! httpv://