Wazala Store on Facebook

I am testing out a new application on Facebook. This e-commerce app is called a Wazala Store. It allows you to add a store to a website as well but I was more interested in the Facebook application. Nowadays people want instant gratification and having products instantly available to see on my SandraB. Designs Facebook page might make it easier for them to shop. I will expand the number of products if it brings in orders. Right now I am at the minimum amount of products so that my account is free. If you are interested check out their site: https://www.wazala.com/ Click here to see my Wazala Store on Facebook: (if you are not a Facebook user I am not sure if this will work) http://www.facebook.com/pages/SandraB-Designs/177625827198?v=app_147605761926866&ref=ts