End of 2010!

As I look back on 2010 a few major events stand out in my mind. Last year I made some connections with talent agencies here in Maine. After a lot of calls I was accepted into Portland Models & Talent. Through my agent Karen Butler True I auditioned and got a part in the new Taylor Swift music video "Mine". I didn't end up making it into the video after the final edit but there was a picture of me in People magazine from the wedding scene that was filmed in Kennebunk, ME. Taylor Swift is very lovely in person, beautiful inside and out. I certainly became a fan after working on the set.

And not only did I get married this year but Katahdin and I had three ceremonies! Our first ceremony was in Martha's Vineyard on the beach-definitely the ideal setting for Katahdin because he loves the water. The "Maine" wedding was spectacular and I was able to incorporate my horse into the wedding. Then over Thanksgiving we did a small ceremony in Connecticut at the Balleck Garden Center. Katahdin and I definitely feel married now!!

I am definitely a goal-oriented person and I daydream constantly about what I would like to create in my future. For 2011 my goals are to 1) substantially grow my SandraB. Designs business to regular online sales and large trade shows 2) show Douwe at the Friesian breed shows and also do some exhibitions & performances 3) growing my dressage client base in Florida and Martha's Vineyard, doing lessons and clinics 4) hopefully start the USEF "r" Judges Program although that depends on how many people apply this January-there has to be 10 to run a program

So I wish good luck to everyone in 2011-make it your best year yet! Keep a very clear vision of what you would like to accomplish and think about it as much as you can with positive energy! I believe that you attract what you want (and what you do not want) by what you think about and how you act. Try to keep your self-talk positive and try to do only the activities and work that you find inspiring and that you can be passionate about!