Preparations for Florida

So here I am, the final week before I depart! I am a little stressed with all the packing I have left to do but I have gotten a lot of important things out of the way. Dennis (our local vet) came and gave Douwe his shots and health certificate for me to give the shipper. He will be getting his winter shoes off next week before he leaves on the trailer. I packed all my SandraB. Designs inventory this morning after counting all of it. At least I know my inventory is accurate to start the new year! Tomorrow I will take the middle seats out of my van and pack my products first, plus my tent and tables. Then I can see what space I have left for clothing and equipment. Bethanne found me a beautiful wooden trunk for me to send with the shippers. Need to put on a new latch and pack up my stinky horse things. First I should wash all my stinky horse things.....saddle pads, polo wraps, etc, etc. I might also be switching car insurance companies last minute as well for a lower a really good quote from Geico. $35 less than what I am currently paying a month and they had really good customer service. BUT....I need to call my current company tomorrow and lay down the law (will definitely not be easy for me to do!).....will they cut their profit to keep me as their customer or let me go??....we shall see!