Training Gryphon ~ Day 2

Wow, what a smart horse! I think Gryphon was studying in his stall last night because he was SOOO much better today. He had plenty of energy and I hardly had to use my legs/whip at all to keep the impulsion. We did some leg-yielding from the centerline to the rail followed by some shoulder-in. I cantered once on his good (left) lead before trying the difficult lead. He lifted beautifully from the walk and showed an improvement in his engagement and uphill jump. When we went to the right side he definitely anticipated the canter transition and tried to pick up the left lead before I asked. I half-halted strongly, used my voice and he tried one more time to get the wrong lead, I repeated  my reaction. Then we walked, I counterflexed him and shifted my weight to the outside to push his energy towards the inside shoulder. He jumped into the correct lead out of the walk and then continued to get the correct lead every time afterwards. Each time I straightened him a little more until he had the correct bend and was not "falling into" the lead but lifting correctly into it. For a 9 year old horse that has had chronic issues on that lead he is doing wonderful!