Douwe arrives safely in Tallahassee!

I am so happy to have my horse safe and sound. He was loaded onto a big semi-trailer at 2:30 am in Maine on Saturday morning. I was unable to be there because I had driven to Florida earlier this week. My wonderful friends (Lydia & Carole Rose and Bethanne Ragaglia) in Maine helped me out and loaded him on in the freezing cold-it was 5 below zero! It was dark and the trailer lights were very intimidating but he went on like a pro. I used Potomac Horse Carriers and I will definitely use them again! TJ and his wife were SUPER and took great care of my horse. He kept Douwe in a box stall most of the time because he knew that Friesians tend to get more congested when on the cross ties. I highly recommend them, here is their website: Marsha and I picked up Douwe near Ocala and he had to travel almost 3 more hours back to Tallahassee. He was a little wobbly on his feet getting off the trailer so we went for a walk to investigate around the barn. It was 10:00 pm so it was dark but he got to nibble on a little grass and look around. I brushed him and gave him a lot of treats! He drank a lot of water which makes me very happy and was interested in his stablemates and all the different surroundings. He has a HUGE stall right next to the tack room. Thank you so much to Marsha Saap of Southern Oaks Equestrian Center because she woke up this morning with food poisoning from our meal the night before. She was sick all day and still managed to go pick up my horse! Here are a couple pictures of Douwe in his new stall right after we arrived.