Training Gryphon ~ Day 3

It was a rainy, gloomy day here in Tallahassee today but I wanted to write about my ride on Gryphon from yesterday. He felt a bit tired from our previous rides and a bit stiff in his body. So today I just did basic trotwork and cantered once on both sides. He picked up the correct lead on the right, no problem. What I added to our routine was some halfpass in the walk. We did some simple halfturns back to the rail and I asked him to step over with the haunches. Gryphon is responsive to the leg for other lateral work so he got some actual halfpass steps on each side. I also helped Connie (Gryphon's owner) learn the aids for the turn-on-the-haunches. The aids are almost identical to the halfpass so she will have a way to practice her aids so she can ask for halfpass later on. We also asked him to bow at the end and he was very good and went all the way down-he even got sand on his forehead! Here are a few more pictures from the other day.