Training Gryphon ~ Day 4

Today was an interesting day with Gryphon. He went out with my horse Douwe for the day and it seemed to bring out his "alpha" attitude. During his ride he was distracted and always looking for the other horses. He had plenty of energy however which was definitely a positive. Just for kicks I asked for some halfpass at the trot and he got some nice steps tracking to the right. We started simple changes in the canter using a large figure eight. This will really help fine-tune his leads and make sure that he is balancing and listening to my aids. He actually picked up the wrong lead going to the LEFT so he volunteered his difficult lead. Instead of transitioning to the walk I allowed him to keep cantering and then asked him to yield off the rail into some counter canter. He held the lead beautifully with no tension or resistance. His owner Connie is doing an awesome job riding Gryphon and is learning some balancing techniques for herself and the horse that will help improve their relationship. Afterwards we did the piaffe in-hand and he is definitely going to get this fairly quickly. He had a couple steps of engagement and he is really figuring out how to compact his body.