Training Gryphon ~ Day 5

Today was a fun day for me. I rode Douwe for the first time since he arrived on Sunday night. He was pretty exhausted from the trip so I gave him time to settle. I also did a few new things with Gryphon today, riding with my veil and riding him bareback too. I started with some softening work, he was feeling pretty energetic so I had to remind him to keep his hind end up under when he went forward at the trot and canter. He is such a funny horse, now he just wants to take the right lead no matter what direction he is going. I had to work much harder to get the left lead which has always been his dominant lead. Just the simple praise and treats to get that correct lead really changed things for Gryphon. So I did more cantering on the left lead, giving him the same reactions as I was doing for the right lead. I guess he figured out that he only got positive rewards on that right lead so he better stick to it! After we worked for awhile I rode him with my bellydance veil. I put a knot in the reins so they weren't too long and just did simple trot with transitions while I held the veil up high behind me. He did great but I was spooking some of the other horses in the arena! I also tried him bareback-he is wide and a little on the chunky side so he has some cushion to sit on. We did our trot and canterwork bareback so it was a fun day! I will try to get more pictures soon.