Gryphon Training ~ Day 6 & 7

Day 6 I played around with a few dressage tests to see where Gryphon is at. I think that he will be very capable at First Level but I wanted to try some of the Second level movements to push his boundaries a little. Surprisingly he did beautifully on the counter canter serpentine on his BAD lead! It felt amazing, so balanced and supple. He had a hard time on the left lead so I just tried it once and then went to some broken lines. My goal is to show a First level test with him in March at the Friesian show. I would like to do a test that is easy for him and showcases his abilities. Day 7 he really got the halfpass. I did it in the walk for awhile, having him do some haunches-in through the turn to set him up and then bringing the shoulders over. He is responsive to the leg and loves to learn new things. He also did some nice trot halfpass tracking to the right but still needs some work to the left. Here are a few pictures of us practicing the piaffe-in-hand and the walk halfpass.