Training Douwe with Wings ~ Day 1

Today I  started working Douwe with my fabric wings. I rode him with the wings a couple times in Maine but that was a couple months ago. It was very windy today, not ideal for the wings but Douwe did very well. The horses in the pasture went a little crazy when they saw us trotting around with the wings flying in the air. I started by riding with two whips when I tied up my reins. I made sure I shifted my weight clearly to change directions and used the whip on the outside to encourage him to turn. We did some steering at the trot too and then I put on the wings. I didn't canter today because of all the other horses galloping around but Douwe did a good job staying calm and listening. I also need to get a set of sidereins so he will stay in better balance in the canter. We need a lot of practice but it is so much fun!