Quadrille Classes Begin at Southern Oaks

I taught my first quadrille class Wednesday evening at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center. We had a great turnout, 6 riders and their horses. I will be doing 2 classes a week for anyone who is interested. We did a lot of walking today to learn the basic movements and rules of quadrille. Here is an overview: * You must pass left shoulder to left shoulder at all times! * Keep consistent spacing for safety-we started with more than a full horse length because this was the first time for each horse to try the quadrille. * Keep your eyes up! Watch your partner in front and to the side.

I kept the riders in single file today, we will try pairs in the next class. These horses do not live together so they need to get acquainted and comfortable before we put them too close. The riders learned Separate Turns, Separate Circles, Thread the Needle (Diagonals), and some circle work. Everyone did so well and we learned which horses were the best leaders and followers. The slower horses were more motivated to move while the quicker horses had to practice a lot of walk transitions to keep a consistent pace. Awesome job by Ashton and Holly to be the leaders! Our next class is this Sunday at 1:00 pm. I am available to travel and do quadrille classes at other locations if you cannot make it to Southern Oaks. Every class is open to any rider that is balanced at the walk and trot and can steer well. Marsha has school horses available that are safe and easy to ride. Here are some photos of the class.