Jodie Kelly Clinic ~ Friday

I set up my SandraB. Designs tent at the Jody Kelly Clinic held at Carol Dover's picturesque farm. I wanted to watch the  clinic because I had never seen Jodie ride or teach. I was really impressed with her timing and also her way with the horses. She is really laid-back and calm so the horses pick up on that. She takes her time in the warm-up, allowing them to stretch and release. In the morning she rode a horse named Flash, a gorgeous chestnut warmblood gelding. He was at another clinic last year with a different rider. I felt really sorry for the horse last year because he looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown. He was nervously sweating and would not walk, he was on pins and needles. His rider was good but had an edge to her that did not suit the horse. Jodie got Flash in for training a few months ago and he looked like a different horse. She walks him everywhere on a long rein, allowing him to get adjusted to his surroundings before he works. Overall he was more relaxed and happy. At home, Jodie said,  he is being turned out regularly and given the freedom to be a normal horse. Here are a couple pictures, I will take more today and have notes from the clinic.