Jodie Kelly Clinic ~ Day 2

Today was such a beautiful day! The clinic was a lot of fun. Many interesting rides with a wonderful, relaxing feel to the atmosphere. Everyone was happy to learn and the riders & horses made a lot of improvement. The focus for each rider was on the proper warm-up. Jodie quoted another clinician by saying, "The warm-up should be as short as possible but as long as necessary." The horse must be reaching through the topline and bending evenly on both sides before he is ridden in a shorter frame and totally straight in the body. Some of the lessons were basically just a warm-up, working on the connection and throughness. At the end of the day I was able to watch Jodie schooling Flash, a gorgeous chestnut gelding that I saw last year. He was so much more relaxed and content, doing all the Grand Prix movements with amazing expression. He reminds me of Farbenfroh, ridden by Nadine Capellman in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.