Busy Day in Florida

I had a lovely day working with so many wonderful riders and horses here in Tallahassee. I travelled to The FARM and taught Sam on her Arabian gelding Jet. I gave her a lunge line lesson to improve her balance and to help steady her horse. Then I taught a quadrille class at Southern Oaks, that was a lot of fun! Connie bought a bigger, better boombox to play the music, it worked great! Then I had a semi-private lesson at Southern Oaks followed by a trip to VanderBay Farm to work with Beverly on two of her horses. A beautiful black mare named Nikki and a Cleveland bay gelding named Oron. I didn't have time to ride my horse today but I got a few pictures of Douwe in the pasture with his new body clip. He is doing pretty well, still putting on weight from the long trailer ride from Maine but he is so happy here!