Filming for Short Film "Invasion"

Would you like your water refilled sir?

Would you like your water refilled sir?

This past Monday I acted in a short film directed by Alan Dillingham who owns/operates Killatainment Films. The footage was taken in Portland, ME at the Vinland restaurant and on the harbor. Luckily the weather was gorgeous for the scenes outside on the harbor dock.  Alan is entering this short film into the Four Minute Film Festival on June 7th in Portland, ME. The winner of the festival will have their short film  shown in front of every feature film at the Patriot Cinema’s Nickelodeon for a month. 

I played a waitress at a classy restaurant who waits on the two main characters, a couple out for a romantic dinner. While we are in the restaurant there are explosions outside and it turns out we are being attacked by aliens! Alan will be doing a lot of special effects for this short film and you can see the final product at the festival in June.  Behind the camera was Mark Hensley who I met on the set of Essential Realism last fall and also for Frost Bite this winter. He was being very creative on set, setting us up for some interesting footage. I also met some wonderful people on set and we certainly had a few laughs during the 7 hours of filming!

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