Barnby Notes ~ Helpful Website

I came across this website today and I thought that I would share it to you. It is called Barnby Notes, a website that dressage riders make an online journal of their lessons and share with others. Many Olympic level trainers are on there, including Courtney King-Dye, Lendon Gray, Betsy Steiner, and Debbie McDonald. This website stresses the importance of keeping a journal of your lessons. I used to write in my journal every day when I was in middle & high school. Once I graduated and worked full time with horses I felt that I didn't have enough time and I got frustrated that I couldn't keep up. By doing my blog I am able to keep track of my experiences and also share them with others. I have also incorporated a new aspect to my lessons here in Florida by doing a lesson review at the end. I have a form that I created that goes over what we did during the lesson, what the rider is having difficulty with and what they are doing well, what the horse is having difficulty with and what they are doing well, and then some recommended exercises and additional comments. I also keep track of lesson payment on this form, like a sales sheet. I give the top copy to the student and I keep the carbon copy for my records. This gives the rider something they can save as a journal entry to remind them of how far they have progressed over time. Take some time to look over the website: