Day in Wellington, FL

Today I had a wonderful time visiting barns in Wellington, Florida. I am staying with my brother Corey in Orlando until Thursday so I can make some visits to stables in Wellington and Orlando. Today I spent time with a few Maine natives, Susanne Hamilton and Susan Jaccoma in White Fences and Beach Bennett who is from Martha's Vineyard. Susanne was very hospitable and let me watch her school her horses all morning. Her two stallions, Donauwalzer and Lord Locksley are beautiful horses, I especially like Locksley. He has an amazing work ethic and is very talented. His flying changes are very expressive and clean, and he has excellent sitting power in the canter pirouettes. Donauwalzer has amazing trotwork, so much power and suspension. I helped Susanne time her new freestyle (with Locksley) and hash out the routine with her. Susanne has stalls at the White Fences show grounds, as well as Susan Jaccoma. I was fortunate to see Susan riding Kueba, a Lusitano stallion. What a sweetheart he is, talented and honest. She is showing him at Grand Prix. He has very consistent tempi changes and a lovely piaffe. Later in the afternoon I ventured over to Beach Bennett's farm that was within 15 minutes from White Fences. We went over details for this coming summer. I will be working at her stable in Martha's Vineyard called Netherfield Farm. Click here to visit her website: I will be managing the summer camp program, teaching dressage lessons and judging schooling shows on Martha's Vineyard. I will also be incorporating my quadrille skills into the camp, teaching the students how to ride to music. It is going to be a busy summer!