Judging IDA Show

Today I judged an Intercollegiate Dressage Association show at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center. This is a team competition between the different Florida colleges.  The colleges in attendance were: University of Central Florida, University of Florida, Central Florida Community College, and Florida State University. Marsha was hosting the show at her facility so she was in charge of providing horses for the riders to use. A college show is different than a regular dressage show because the horses are drawn at random. Each rider picks a horse and has ONLY 10 minutes to warm-up before they show their test. Today we had a group of riders at Intro B, Intro C, Training 2, and First 1. It is amazing how well the girls do when faced with an unfamiliar horse in a show setting. Some of their tests were definitely worthy of a recognized dressage show. At the end of the day each rider was given a ribbon for their individual placings and then the Champion and Reserve Champion teams were announced. Marsha's team (Florida State University) tied for Reserve Champion, well done! I guess my horse felt left out of the action because he had some fun galloping around, making quite a show with one of the other mustangs, Oconuco. They were teasing each other over the fence and having a blast! Libby caught some pictures for me, he was so handsome prancing around!