Ride-A-Test Series #3

Gorgeous weather for a clinic today, comfortably close to 80! Gotta love Florida! We had an excellent turnout of riders and horses with a full schedule from 8:30-5:00. Marsha bought a PA system that worked very well so the auditors and the riders could hear me while I was teaching. We had a variety of tests from Introductory to Third level. I worked with some riders on the basics of their position on the horse, especially when they are posting. It is so important to have your legs correctly lined up underneath you (shoulders, hips, heels) to help influence the horse's back. We had a lot of riders doing Training Level Test 3 which has the same trot loop that was seen in the old Training Level Test 4. The loop can be confusing to ride, where to bend and where to straighten, how long to curve over X, etc. It should be thought of as a shallow serpentine with a moment of straightness when passing the quarterlines (similar to how you would change the bend when crossing the centerline on a regular serpentine). Curve your line so that the center of your curve touches X but be careful that you don't linger there too long, making the second part of your loop look uneven. You want to have a clear bend but it is easy to show too much and lose the forward momentum.