Riding Gryphon Bareback

Today I had a fun training session with Gryphon by working him bareback. I wanted to keep it light and fun because I knew that he was going to be in the Quadrille class later on with his owner Connie. We did some pieces of the First Level 1 Test, the centerlines, free walk diagonals, serpentines, and canter transitions. By riding bareback I can really feel how his back is connecting and working side to side. When we travel to the left the saddle tends to slide to the right and I can feel how his back changes even without the saddle. At least I can feel that it isn't necessarily my body that is making the saddle slide. He was recently adjusted by the chiropractor but he tends to travel a little crooked in his body. Gryphon is the perfect horse to ride bareback because he is really round without any wither. He is also a little chunky so he has a little layer of padding over his muscles....he is so cute. Gryphon also has a great sense of humor and likes things that are different, when I hopped on bareback he nickered for a treat and seemed so excited to get started.