Douwe & the Wings

I rode through our Wings routine a few times today with the music. It was very windy again but Douwe was pretty good with the flapping fabric. He did exit the arena once on his own but that was partially my fault, I didn't turn early enough before the entrance. Douwe's trot was quite forward today so I had a struggle sitting the trot while concentrating on the wings. Riding the canterwork was much more fun. He was very good about doing the canter transitions to the music. I bought some materials at Walmart to make homemade sidereins for his routine and I also have to make new turning reins (homemade reins that attach to my waist and then to my hands to use as a last resort if he doesn't turn off my body). The last set I made for Vienna (Lipizzan mare) were easy because she was white and I used cotton rope and silver cable for the turning reins. I have to figure out how to make the sidereins black so they blend in with his coat.