Royal Finale ~ Oldenburg Gelding

Today I did a test ride on Royal Finale, an Oldenburg at Flying Colors Farm. He is a beautiful, black, 17.2 hand gelding. This was my first time riding the horse, they wanted to see how he would do with an upper level dressage rider. He has been ridden mostly by hunter riders and comes from some wonderful bloodlines. He was very comfortable to ride, his trot had some suspension and he moved with more freedom at the sitting trot. His walk shows a lot of overstep and shoulder movement once he is in front of the leg. He is pretty simple in the bridle, supple laterally and longitudinally. The longer I rode him the more he came through from behind and reached through the shoulders. He was able to do some walk to canter and canter to walk. The canter collection improved and I could really feel that he has the potential to sit on the haunches for collection. I asked for some shoulder-in and he did it really well for the first time. He responds well to the leg is very balanced naturally. I don't think it would take long to have him schooling well at Second Level with talent for the upper levels. He is currently for sale, click here to watch a video of me riding him.