New Trilogy Saddle

I am so excited that I have a new saddle for me and my horse Douwe. I have ridden in Albions for most of my entire riding career so far but I was attracted to the new Trilogy saddles after sitting in one at the NEDA Symposium in October. Debbie Witty, the owner/creator of Trilogy saddles, used to sell and fit Albion saddles before she started out on her own. After seeing her saddles in action at the NEDA Symposium, being used by riders like JJ Tate and Shannon Peters, I kept my eye out for them at the Equine Affaire in the fall. There are three different styles, the Amadeo, the Verago, and the Debbie McDonald series. Each one has a slightly different fit. When I got to Florida I was excited to find that Gryphon's owner had two Trilogy saddles, an Amadeo for Gryphon and a Debbie McDonald that she had for her previous horse. Gryphon is very wide and the Albion saddle that he came with made him almost unbearable to ride because it had such a wide twist. The Amadeo fits his width but is narrower in the seat so I don't feel as uncomfortable. Over the years I have had a lot of difficulty being able to sit deep without getting tight in the knees. I have narrow hips so I needed a narrower saddle to fit my body and make it easier to sit correctly. After Douwe lost so much weight on the trailer ride to Florida my Albion saddle didn't fit him at all when he arrived. However, Connie's extra Trilogy saddle fit him almost perfectly so I started riding in it to test it out. I noticed a big change in Douwe's movement. He is starting to cover more ground in his trot and stay more forward overall in the walk, trot, and canter. I have also ridden in two other Trilogy saddles on client's horses and I really like how they sit me. What I like the most is that there is less bulk under my inner thigh, especially up closer towards my seat. For more information about the Trilogy saddle click here: