Al Sol Show ~ Saturday

Saturday we had a very long day of waiting and enduring the heat (high 80's all weekend). We did the Friesian Dressage Road Hack class at the end of the day and got a first place. Douwe was a little excited in the colliseum arena but he did most of his transitions pretty well. After the show we had permission to practice our "Wings" routine. I got all dressed up in my costume and wings so that we could practice with all the right attire. We walked up to the ring and ended up having to wait another 45 minutes because they were doing a presentation in the arena using some Lusitanos. I ended up practicing outside and then taking him for a hack around the showgrounds. I gave him a break, watched some of the presentation, and then brought him back out when they were done. By this time it was 8:00 and completely dark outside. The lights were on in the arena and we had a little audience to practice with. I started with a lot of transitions to halt with sugar treats to get him paying attention to me first. He was pretty strong in the trot to start and I needed to use my reins to help steer. It took a little while but then I was able to trot and canter with my arms/wings up high. Being able to perform our "Wings" routine means a lot more to me then the other classes since my goal is to train Douwe for exhibitions. It is very important to me that Douwe stays calm and focused. I also want him to enjoy performing so I made sure that the experience was fun and positive!