Al Sol Show ~ Sunday

What a day! I am SOOO proud of my horse! He was so good in his "Wings" routine I could have cried! We started the day early and I brought him out the the coliseum early so we could do a little more practicing this morning. He did very well and it made me feel much more confident. We went back to the barn and got ready for the costume class. I wore my "Moulin Rouge" costume and we put a lot of glitter on Douwe's mane/tail and his hooves/feathers. He loved all the pampering and everyone fussing over him. We won the class!

Afterwards I changed my costume and added my homemade sidreins for the "Wings" routine. We did some warm-up in the outside arena, luckily there were no other horses at the same time because the wings can really spook other horses. Douwe was so good in the big ring, he did great with all his transitions to canter, walk, back to canter, changing directions and then he halted at the end. The ring was very big so my goal would be to eventually be able to utilize the space of such a large area a little more creatively but he did as much as I was hoping for. My goal was to make it safely through our routine, have him listening to my body and wings for steering aids and to hit all of our transitions to the music. He did awesome and he had his ears pricked forward all day so I know he has been enjoying himself at the show.

This was Douwe's last class of the day. I had one more dressage test on Gryphon before I was finished. Gryphon was feeling quite left out and was very excited to be tacked up and braided. He reminded me of a little kid, he kept seeing Douwe go in and out of his stall and this time it was his turn and he was so excited! He warmed up really well for his test and I went early to help keep his energy since they were running ahead of schedule. We started the test with a lot of energy but once we got to the first canter circle I could feel his strength drain away. The second half of the test was a bit of a struggle to keep him forward and expressive. Gryphon really tried but he felt like his muscles and overall strength just kept fading. Even though it wasn't his best test he still got a 63% and we got a "9" on our first centerline! He also got a blue ribbon and nice comments from the judge. To end the day on an even better note, Douwe earned the Friesian High Point Award for the breed portion of the show and he also had the highest dressage score of the entire weekend with a 71.8%! I couldn't have asked for anything more! A wonderful weekend for sure!