New Baroque Paintings!

It was really hot and humid this past week and instead of teaching I spent most of my time painting. I was inspired to create some canvases to take with me to the Baroque Horse Show in Northampton, MA this weekend. I am really happy with these new paintings and I am looking forward to creating more in this style.

"French Braid"
This is a small canvas, 6"X6"X1.5" and it will stand up on it's own or sit on a small easel. I created a textured background, used some stencils and acrylic paint. I prefer to play with a loose, abstract style and I am really happy with how the horse turned out.


This is a slightly larger painting at 10"X10"X1.3". I started with molding paste to create a textured background and the corner decorations. I particularly like how the head and neck turned out on the horse.

I have a few more paintings waiting to be finished and I will share them online when they are done. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art or would like to request a custom painting in a certain size or color scheme please contact me by email: